Leadership Ministry


Please be the joy, gratitude, and hope of the people. Just a few days ago, the leaders of Thabo Mbeki village, a village named after the previous president, called me to discuss something urgently. I rushed out as they asked that I meet them at 08:00 in the morning. We met at Sinoxolo Creche, a crèche we built in ’98. When I arrived, 3 of the village leaders were waiting for me. We exchanged pleasantries. Although they do not know Christ, they asked ...

Thank you! It is because of all your prayers that we are able to do His work here. And through your support and prayers over these last few months many short-term mission teams have been able to come through and do His ministry here in South Africa: 4 teams from Canada, 4 teams from Korea, a team from America and Germany. Many teams have come through with serving hearts to be His harvesters. Because of these teams, their hearts, their works and prayers and love we ...

Happy New Year 2014 and have Jesus in your heart! After a year sabbatical and my son Aaron’s wedding, my family and I have returned home to South Africa. Please pray that in this new year I will be able to take on God’s ministry with His heart. Thanks! Thank you! Thank you very much for all of your prayers, love and support; it has been our strength and given us courage to continue. Looking back at the past 18 ...