African Leadership News – November 2017

African Leadership News – November 2017

Children’s Church Ministry

children's church ministry

God wants you to get closer to children. In October, we conducted a Spring Bible school
at 2 locations, thanks to Pastor Umundo’s team. Around 200 people and 250 people at
each location gathered every day from Monday to Friday at around 9 am and began to
pray at 10 pm. “Sunday School! Sunday School!” We shouted around the town and
gathered the children. The child who stops to listen to the sound, the child who follows,
the child who uses the herd to take permission to the mother, the child who carries the
younger brother in the back or the child in the front.. The Lord called them, and they
were like His disciples coming to meet Him. I turn the music around 11 o’clock to praise
God. The rhythm and loud music, and the children who are so troubled and disturbed …
Teachers who guide children in a wonderful African way with their unique movement…
Everyone worshiped together.
Lord, you are the Lord who meets everyone … Because you are the Lord … I look at the
children today and count the Lord’s heart that calls to children because there is hope in
the Lord. Lord! They the Lord’s children. The next generation of Africa. Through these
children, fulfill the love, forgiveness, and sharing of the kingdom of God.


Transkei Ministry

transkei ministry

Macekane, Gibi, Sylvia and James, who are the great commission church leaders of Transkai,
held retreats in East London, 200 kilometers away, from October 16th for two nights and three
days. They were always in the countryside; but this time, they visited the big city and had a
special time with the God’s word, the restoration, the sightseeing and the service. Jung Sun-tae,
who is with the African leadership, has been in charge of this event.
They have served our teams many times with grace and hospitality. Also, with the passion and
prayer of the gospel, we are always with the short-term team to visit Transkie and preach, to
share the living God. It is in the harsh conditions of the countryside, but it is those who are
inspired by the Word and passionate toward the Lord, leading many of the countrymen to the
Lord. Now it is time for us to find the next generation of Transkie and continue the gospel
mission… Pray that we will find those young men from the Lord.
Although the four churches are far from each other, they pray and encourage each other. The
Church of Salabah in particular, where Pastor Gibi is a pastor, has not been able to build the
church Transkie region. It is a place where worship is offered and the area is evangelized even in
the tough situation. A Korean church devoted to the building of the church. I received a small
land from the village of Pastor Gibi. It is a bit of a sloppy land which make it difficult to build a
church building, but I am sure of what the Lord will accomplish. Through the construction of
the church, the locals will gather more people to meet the Lord and praise the Lord.


Kindergarten Building Construction

kindergarten ministry

It was the kindergarten ministry that laid the foundations of the African Leadership in
the last two decades. Mothers who were working were always worried their children
since they had no childcare or kindergarten / nursery school. These Kindergarten taught
these children the Lord’s Word and taught them to go to school through basic education.
Also, the village residents were welcomed and caring for the youth ministry of the
children’s church. Now 33 are built and care for about 2,000 children. There are still
many areas that kindergartens are needed. It is so poor, it is damp and dark; those areas
need new place which is suitable for children’s education. In early November, nine shortterm
team members from Germany arrived in Africa to build a kindergarten, and in mid-
November, eight people from a church in the United States were sent to build a
kindergarten. You can see the Lord approaching the children.
Lord! Give the safety and health of the building team, so that everyone will be able to
work with the guidance of the Lord and praise Him. Kindergarten children will be
provided with breakfast and lunch. You can feed 30-40 children at $ 200 a month.


Christmas Sharing

christmas sharing

South Africa falls into summer. I look forward to the Christmas season as it is getting
warmer. I cannot imagine a sled, Rudolph, or a cold wind, but I am delighted to have a
swimsuit at the beach, celebrating the Lord’s birthday. Every year, many parents have to
watch their children hungry because they do not have a job- this is why we have started
sharing food at the request of two village leaders.
Thanksgiving and joy and service each year, we fed about 200 people with a month’s
worth of food. As the village leaders knew the circumstances of each family, they made a
list and shared food with those families. This year, we look at the love of the Lord and the
image of Jesus who came to earth peacefully. One month’s share of food in one household;
We divide rice, flour, powder, sugar, oil, potatoes; and it costs about $30 per family.
Especially in December, during the holiday season, it is hard to find a job for those
families and children go hungry. Please share the love of the Lord you received.


Seminar Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation of Theological college

seminar graduation

In November, all ministries are busy. It is a time of thanksgiving, counting the grace of
the year. Especially seminaries are busy because of the graduation ceremony. Looking
back on the year, the seminarians, especially those who have learned the Word of the
Lord from the sweat on a hot day, have begun the seminary lectures in the dark night
because the winter nights begin early. Even when it’s hard to get a lift to home, exposed
with lot of dangers… they attend the seminar lessons.
Also, most of the older seminarians want to give up on themselves who soon forget to
learn, but they still graduate with the grace of the Lord. Seeing their answers to the
Lord’s call, through them, He has hope in Africa. When seminarians graduate, they will
have a ministry, and many prayers are needed. Pray that you will be faithful and true
ministers in the presence of the Lord so that you can be a pastor in the Lord.


Local Theology Lecture

There is also graduation ceremony of local seminary. The local theological lecture
cafeteria opened for many local or rural people who are located far away from the
ministry without the theological training. This local theology lecture is carried out in
more than 30 places in South Africa and Lesotho and students study two years and
graduate. In December, there will be a local theology lecture in the area called
Springbok, which is the center of a mining village in the middle of a desert 700km away.
It has been more than two years since the lecture started, and there have had a lot of
difficulties, but now students get to graduate.
It is the grace of the Lord. It is the passion of the Lord. Pray for many believers who are
suffering from various stigmas through their reliance on the Lord to win this challenge.
There was also a request to hold this theological training to be carried out about 300km
away. With a lot of hard work and patience, and the Lord’s guidance and love, this can
be done. Lord, do it. In order to accomplish this, missionaries and local teaching staff
must have the hard work and dedication. They are trained for once a week together,
transportation costs and book prices for the seminary students are needed. We need $
500 per month for room and board costs of 30 people. Please pray and pray for someone
to join us on this day.


Father’s School at Prison

father's school at prison

With the cooperation and enthusiasm of the African Leadership Missionary, the Fathers’
school has been successfully conducted in prison. It is surprising to see the people
changing through this program. It is truly God’s grace. Many organizations reach
prisoners and carry out ministries to spread the gospel and give hope. Among those, the
biggest impact on prisoners was the fathers’ school, they assessed, and next year, four
prisons asked is to double their fathers’ school at the same time.
Through this fathers’ school, we preached the gospel and made known the forgiveness of
Jesus. Lord! There should be more local co-workers to serve at the fathers’ school. Let
the people of the Lord who have the heart of the Lord come to me. It is harvest time.
Build a laborer to fill the gap of the Lord. Unlike the fathers school in the general
church, a substance is needed. Snacks, meals and transportation costs are required. We
will do it four times to reduce the expense. But about 30 prisoners and about 40,000 won
at a time are needed to go to the father school. Please pray that those who will join with
joy and appreciation will be found.


Textbook Printing

There are many pastors who do ministry without education in Africa. The trained
seminary is not nearby. Since there is no learning, they do not understand the Bible
well, and they testify to the Word with their experience and stories that they have
heard long ago. There are so many cases that the God’s word get distorted or
misunderstood due to this fact. I did not know where to begin but I proceeded
faithfully by praying and taking the steps that the Lord gave me.
Now we translate and print Gods words in Xhosa, their language and Africans
language as well. I am also now printing it in the Ethiopian language Amharic. There
are about 500,000 Ethiopian refugees in South Africa as a result of economic
difficulties and politic. Ten years ago, at the request of a faithful refugee pastor, Shur
Nat, we printed over 5,000 articles. In South Africa, over 80 Ethiopian refugee
churches have been built with the body of the Lord. The Ethiopian Church, which is
helping those in need and suffering, prints 5,000 textbooks to establish a church for
refugees who are leading refugees into hope. Approximately $10,000 print costs are
required. With 5000 books, you can train 500 pastors and church leaders. It is
necessary to spend about $20 for one person training. Please cooperate with the
establishment and leadership of one church and be the hope of 500,000 Ethiopian