About African Leadership

Founded in 1996, African Leadership aims to minister to the local community in Khayelitsha, South Africa and beyond. African Leadership is committed to educating and serving the people of Africa through the teachings of the Bible and the love of Christ. We believe in the importance of training local community members to empower and enrich their communities with the Gospel. We aim to further God’s Kingdom in all that we do.




Preschool plays an integral part in the healthy development of a child. However, young children in Khayelitsha do not have access to proper care & education. Our 27 preschools teach and guide children to grow in the Word of God, equipping them with the necessary academic and social skills to enter into elementary schools. These preschools also provide two hot nourishing meals daily, cooked by the local teachers. Our preschool teachers engage in training conferences and seminars to further their knowledge of God’s word.

Child Church

Children’s Church

Over 200,000 children, under the age of 12, reside in Khayelitsha, South Africa. The majority of these children live in informal housing and live in households that are food insecure. Our 70 children’s churches reach over 7,000 children on a weekly basis to plant the hope of Christ in their hearts. These children gather weekly and join in praise, fellowship and hear the word of God.

– “…I am planting an incorruptible seed that will grow and make an influence on their community” -Pastor Mfundo

-“It’s a ministry that presents God to the ears of those children who have never heard about Christ” -Pastor Mfundo

-“Children’s ministry is like a car that I am driving to reach out to everyone that I want to meet. I do it because I want to serve God and serve my community. I want them to know that Jesus is the only way to life.” –Luvuyo

– “Children’s church is hope for the future. We are living out the future and we are experiencing God’s love in many different ways in our lives. Those who work with us need to see the future and believe that God can do anything.” -Mcebisi

School Ministry

School Ministry

Through our partnership with local schools, African Leadership and Good Tree Ministries enter classrooms to share Christ’s character and discuss how to be Christ-like.

Bible College

Bible College (Leadership Training)

Approximately 95% of church leaders in Africa lack formal theological training. This has given rise to false biblical interpretations, mislead teachings and beliefs amongst Christians in Africa. Africa Theological College and the 42 satellite classes, located all over southern Africa, aim to recruit, train and disciple leaders with the correct teaching of the Word.





The communities in rural Eastern Cape live without access electricity and water. They frequently engage in ancestral worship, without being exposed to the Good News. African Leadership works with local churches and pastors to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through door-to-door evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

Short Term Mission

Short Term Mission Trips

Short term mission teams from all over the world come to serve the people of South Africa yearly. Our teams are trained with their home churches or under the guidance of African Leadership leaders before embarking on a life changing experience. Short term teams participate in children’s ministry, preschool ministry, school ministries, construction, and local/rural evangelism. For more information, please contact youngohm@gmail.com.