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First of all, thank you for your continuous prayers and support, without your hearts for Africa, your love and care, your prayers for the spread of the Good news of Christ in these lands no one would have the strength ...
Praying woman hands

The Lord lives! I thank and praise the Lord for all the prayer and love given to Africa through you this past year, 2014. God has allowed this lacking servant yet another year. I confess with my head held low, ...

Please be the joy, gratitude, and hope of the people. Just a few days ago, the leaders of Thabo Mbeki village, a village named after the previous president, called me to discuss something urgently. I rushed out as they ...

Thank you! It is because of all your prayers that we are able to do His work here. And through your support and prayers over these last few months many short-term mission teams have been able to come through and ...

From Africa, the land of hope, From Africa, the land of blessings, We would like to share God’s Love, blessings and grace with you. Winter has now passed and spring has arrived giving us more and more warm days ...