Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift

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Please be the joy, gratitude, and hope of the people.

Just a few days ago, the leaders of Thabo Mbeki village, a village named after the previous president, called me to discuss something urgently. I rushed out as they asked that I meet them at 08:00 in the morning. We met at Sinoxolo Creche, a crèche we built in ’98. When I arrived, 3 of the village leaders were waiting for me. We exchanged pleasantries.

Although they do not know Christ, they asked me to pray so I prayed, and began the meeting. They had a request. There were about 1200 households where approximately 5000 people reside. They told me that 55 children were living in extreme poverty because their parents have not worked for a long time. They asked if we could provide food for these children this Christmas as these children are living through a Christmas of hunger and helplessness.

I suggested we give the children KFC on Christmas day but the community leaders said that as these children’s families do not have anything to eat, they asked that we give them basic foods instead. Christmas is a time of happiness and celebration, but instead these children experience hunger… Jesus’ birth is peace yet the parents’ hearts are filled with pain as they cannot feed their children… the time of blessings, for these children is a time of hunger… I was left speechless to this situation…

We are looking for partners who will embrace these children and their parents with the heart of Jesus. $40 will enable us to share food for 1 family for the two weeks leading up to new years. The children also need to prepare for school next year. They will need uniforms (pants, shirt, shoes, socks). This will cost approximately $40 too. With your help blessings of a joyous Christmas, a hope-filled Christmas, a peaceful Christmas will be upon Thabo Mbeki.

For the kingdom

Young Ohm


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