Your Kingdom come

Your Kingdom come


First of all, thank you for your continuous prayers and support, without your hearts for Africa, your love and care, your prayers for the spread of the Good news of Christ in these lands no one would have the strength to continue to work for his kingdom. Thank you!

Over the last December and January 62 food parcels for families and 120 school uniforms were distributed to the families in Thabo Mbeki. In seeing the families faces, seeing Gods provision, everyone’s financial and spiritual support we see that Our Lord is the living God. I could see that God is building His kingdom and fulfilling His plans. Seeing the smiling faces of the children I could see your prayers at work and I praise the Lord.

Now at the start of February one can see that the ministries are starting their engines. The bible college has started their classes with 15 first years, and 9 second years. These are students that are dreaming of becoming His preachers, His workers. Despite day to day financial difficulties they come to study the word of God late in the evenings. Please pray that these students will be able toe experience God strength and wisdom and love through their search for the Lord in His word, that they will grow in faith and love for the Lord and that they will be humbled before the lord as His

The children’s church program began with 7 coordinators visiting the teachers at theirSunday schools. In the last week 22 children’s churches (±1300 children) worshipped the lord. This years ministry began with this vision: To start 2000 children’s churches so that Khayelitsha, where 100000 people live, will be transformed into Gods kingdom and those that live in it will become like Christ. Our Coordinators are: Mfundo, Lucky, Mcbisi, Luvuyo, Siya, Zolani and Asisipho. This month Mfundo, Siya and Mcebisi are fasting, one of them for 1 week, the other two for 3 weeks. They wish to begin this year by offering themselves to the Lord. Please pray for them and that through Gods power, love and wisdom, for His glory and his kingdom; that through faith we will be able to build the kingdom that Jesus has planned in Khayelitsha.

Please pray with us

  1. Please pray for the primary and high school ministry where they are teaching character building. Pray that those teaching and those learning will learn and live with characters of Jesus so that Khayelitsha with all the fighting, jealousy and hatred will be transformed into one of peace, love and thankfulness.
  2. Many preschool buildings are now beginning to deteriorate and we are in the process of trying to renovate them. It costs about $1000 to renovate 1 preschool and we are planning to renovate 5  preschools this year. Please pray that God will fulfill all our needs and lead us in each step to build a place where the children will be able to play, learn and meet the Lord.
  3. Lord! The pastors in Transkei are few and scarce. Please pray that the lord will revive Transkei with more, younger pastors ready to do His work despite the difficulties of spiritual warfare with those that worship ancestors. Lord! shine your light onto Transkei and send us pastors that will lead the next generation.
  4. Aaron and JiHye are now well settled into their marriage and work life. Please pray that they will be reminded that the workplace is a kingdom of God.. Priscilla now has less than 2 years left of her studies. Please pray that she will continue to dream of Gods plans for her and ready herself for His works. Lastly please pray for my wife and I, that we will continue to grow into Gods likeness.

For the Kingdom!

Young Ohm