We are a blessing

We are a blessing

- in Prayer Reports, South African Ministry
Praying woman hands

The Lord lives!

I thank and praise the Lord for all the prayer and love given to Africa through you this past year, 2014.

God has allowed this lacking servant yet another year. I confess with my head held low,

Lord, please put up with your servant this year, again. Help me to look solely to you. Fill my heart with You ­ only You.

For you, my partners in Christ, I pray:

Lord move our hearts in Your direction.
Allow us to become more like You.
Allow us to think more like You.
Let us not be chained to the ways of this world.
Allow us the faith to see through hardship and to seek and find Your grace
within such hardship.
Help us to live only for heavenly prizes.

A new year. A new start. We are a tunnel through which flows God’s blessings.

For the Kingdom

Young Ohm