From Africa, the land of hope

From Africa, the land of hope

- in Prayer Reports, South African Ministry


From Africa, the land of hope,
From Africa, the land of blessings,
We would like to share God’s Love, blessings and grace with you.

Winter has now passed and spring has arrived giving us more and more warm days Where we no longer have to sit wrapped up but can rather stretch out our wings for God. In this time we ask for your prayers.

The construction of the African leadership conference center is now in the final stages. The windows that were stolen have been replaced with aluminium windows. Furthermore, as electricity is expensive and black-outs frequent, 3 solar panels have been set up. Looking at the walls painted by the mission teams one cannot help but thank the Lord. Lord! Thank you! You have done this through your children. We imagine the completed center and dream of the work God will do in this place. God will plant peace, love, joy, and thankfulness in this land. Praise the Lord!

We are currently in the process of building the 26th Creché in Khayelitsha between many shacks. The space is limited and the path to get to the building site very narrow (people have to walk in single file), when it rains little crossing bridges had to be made but through God’s grace, the willing hearts of the mission team and the cooperation of the community we have been able to build this crèche for those who will grow up to become the foundations of this country. We now have a standing building but will still need to put up the inner wall, do the tiling, door and windows as well as paint the building. Please pray that we will be able to complete this project under His guidance, also that through the construction we will be able to show people the heart of Jesus, that we will be able to work together with thankful hearts, that we will testify that this work is a blessing from God, and finally for the children’s church being started there.

In the Toronto Mission team one of the team members was now 77 years old. She came despite everyone’s advice as she said that if not now she will regret not going out to Africa for God. She truly has God’s Heart ­ the heart that wants to share love even if too one other soul. Her presence, hard work and heart for Christ at the construction sites, children’s churches and school ministries proclaimed that Jesus is alive! Anyone who believes in Christ regardless of age can share His word. It is a privilege and blessing that we have received. Lord! Thank you for your encouragement
and support!

Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for those suffering due to this Ebola epidemic. Although still far from South Africa, they are fellow brothers and sisters. Please pray for God’s comfort over those who have lost family and friends and that God’s healing hand will stretch out over them.
  2. Please pray that through the ministry here in South Africa Jesus’ image, heart and love can be seen. Please pray that all the missionaries, the coordinators, the children’s church teachers, the bible college teachers and students will truly change daily to be more like Him.
  3. Please pray for those short-term team members who have committed their lives to Christ as lifetime missionaries that they will be able to proclaim God’s Kingdom in their families, their work and their daily lives, that they will truly love and search for his kingdom.

For the Kingdom

Missionary Young Ohm,  Youngae,  Aaron/Jihye, Priscilla