Urgent Prayer Request: Cyclone in Madagascar

Urgent Prayer Request: Cyclone in Madagascar

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Breakdown of five elementary schools in Madagascar

There was a disaster in Madagascar last week.
The cyclone has caused a lot of damage with strong winds of 150 km on the northeast coast. Five schools that were built by African Leadership have suffered greatly.
We need your prayers and cooperation.

The African leadership has been building elementary schools in Madagascar since 2014 and teaching children. There are many places in Madagascar where there are no schools, or the school is too far away that many children can not afford to go to school.

In addition, schools built with bamboo are damaged and destroyed every year, and the children are not able to study for several months or even years before the government fixes them. We have visited 14 local elementary schools in 14 districts with the desire of the Lord.

However, due to the cyclone Ava in early January, four days of heavy rains and 150km of winds have caused a huge disaster on the eastern shore. Numerous roads and houses have been flooded, causing many victims. Five of the African Leadership Primary Schools were flooded and destroyed by the cyclone. Roofs of twenty-eight classrooms were blown in the wind, causing the book stalls, walls, and all school furniture to be destroyed. Moreover, teachers and children quarters were completely destroyed, resulting about 900 students losing their classes and not being able to study.

Now the school is open and the children return to school, but there is no classroom to study. The bookshelves are destroyed, and books are flooded in the water. We are praying for our children not to lose hope. We are trying to build temporarily structure and continue the classes, but there are many difficulties and sufferings. I sincerely wish for cooperation and participation for Madagascar.

1. 28 Classroom roofs and walls
2. Desks, chairs, textbooks, and notebooks (about 900 students)
3. Residence for teachers (8 teachers)

Reconstruction Cost:
1. $1,500 per classroom (roof and wall)
2. $500 per classroom (desk, chair, and books)
3. $1,000 for Residence for Teachers

Please be a hope for children who lost school in Madagascar. Thank you for your cooperation in rebuilding the school.

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