Al Nathan Elementary School Opening Service

Al Nathan Elementary School Opening Service

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It is with great joy, thanksgiving and blessing that I share the Madagascar ministry where amazing things of God’s Kingdom are taking place.

Witnessing the kingdom of God in the Madagascar Ministry opened my eyes to how God is working and moving the ministry.

Al Nathan Elementary School Opening Service

We drove through the wilderness in 4 wheel drive cars for about 1 hour. The supporting church, African Leadership, missionaries from Germany and elsewhere got into two different cars; we drove through the sand and rough woods, finally arrived at the Al Nathan Elementary school. The village appeared and we could spot some houses as well. In the midst of them, the school came into our view, the one with clean blue walls and a red roof. We entered the classrooms and met children with great excitement and joy.

The children had the most innocent, shy and curious look on their faces – they seemed to embody the Kingdom of God. Thank you, Lord God! This school was built according to your will. I could see our Lord Jesus among the innocent children.

We gave great thanksgiving to the Lord through praise and worship; we also asked the parents to give abundant love to the children. We then held a ribbon-cutting / celebration ceremony. The children presented traditional Malagasy dance which they prepared for a month. All the praise and glory to you Lord, Amen!

We then looked at the old school building and classrooms, and realised how desperately students and teachers needed a proper school facility. The roofs made up of knitted palm trees were so old and full of holes that you could see the sky through them. The walls were made up of bamboo trees and you could not hang anything properly…the floor was shaky as the foundation was built with woods… Thank the Lord for the new school! How could the children have studied in such dire conditions? Thank you Lord for using us as your instrument at this school.

The local pastor is serving as the principal at the school and there are three teachers. They will be educating 80 children on the school material as well as on the Bible. We are confident that the future leaders will be raised through the Bible.

Please pray for us that…

  1. The teachers will see children through God’s eyes, and will teach and guide children with His heart.
  2. Prayers and the Scripture fill the school unceasingly so that it will be a place to nurture and educate people of God’s Kingdom.
  3. The school will be a place to study for the betterment of not only myself but for neighbours as well
  4. The children and teachers be filled with laughter, thanksgiving and positive attitudes at all times.

For the Kingdom,

Missionary Ohm