Spring Break Bible Camp

Spring Break Bible Camp


Spring has arrived in South Africa. Children in Khayelitsha are enjoying their Spring break this season.

Between the 3rd and the 7th of October, children’s bible camps were held in six different places. This time, it was little different.

We had twenty school teachers making groups of two to three who were sent out to the churches in these places. The first day was tough as there were some challenges we faced. Sudden change of weather also made the children become tired fast. But as we praise and worship daily, we felt that God was filling the place with joy.

We had a Winter break bible camp back in July. There, we learned new worship songs and dance moves. Delicious foods and sweets were shared, and children were very excited of the moves rhythms that they learned. It wasn’t the meaning of lyrics that made them joyous though.

Through this camp, we all learned good lessons. and now 3 months have passed.

Many excitements, joys and touching moments were there during the Spring bible camp.

With loud voices we sang together the songs from the last camp, and we could see that they were truly worshipping our God with all their hearts this time.

They were getting to know and understand who our God is through the words and lyrics they sang as they worship.

It is God who raises our children with his love and intercession.

Yes, that’s right.

We are all just the instruments in the hands of you, my Lord.

In all these things we confess, it is God who makes things grow.


For the kingdom!