Lord! I am your servant

Lord! I am your servant

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The Lord came to the World.

He did not come for himself.
He did not live on this world for himself.
He came, lived and died for the salvation of others. He took on the cross for our sins.
He was born, he taught, he loved and he died on the cross for our sins.
He came to bring us blessings, eternal life, he came to save us and he came to lead us to His eternal Kingdom.

Lord! I am your servant. I want to be like you. I want to live like you and do ministry like you. I have learnt that my life’s worth does not lie with me. My life’s worth is shown when others shine. My worth, value and significance lie with others.

Jesus, the one who lived the most worthy and meaningful life on earth, help me to live a life full of value and worth like you did.

For the first time in a long time, I attended a Korean church service with my wife. It was parent’s Sunday (on Mother’s day). A young student come running to me and pinned a flower to my jacket pocket. She then with a shy smile said “thank you!”.

I felt that it should have been me thanking the girl and not the other way around. But it must have been the thought that the flowers she made was being used and appreciated by another that gave her this grateful heart. The heart that shows gratefulness when giving is an image of His kingdom.

Why is it that when you see your child grow up well that you become so grateful? And why is it that you feel so grateful after you serve and give and give some more? It is because you are being used, and serve a purpose. That gives you the heart of gratefulness. You receive true joy when seeing the people you are working with grow. This is the joy and gratefulness that one feels when one is being used and one has purpose. His Kingdom is a place where one feels Joy through serving.

Lord, who shall I serve today?

This is the kind of life I would like to live as it is the way He lived for us.

For the Kingdom!
Young Ohm