Our Hope

Our Hope

- in Madagascar Ministry, Prayer Reports


Greetings to you from South Africa. For the Kingdom! Let us proclaim the Kingdom together, for Jesus died on the cross for us and invited us into His Kingdom. Let us proclaim that we are His Kingdom.

Special request: we are short of books for pastor’s training. Currently we are training 700 pastors and church leaders to equip them to preach the word of God.

Each student needs 10 books which overall cost $35 to print. Please support one or more students so that they can proclaim Salvation and Lordship of Jesus.

Furthermore please share this request with other people so that we will be able to train 700 pastors and church leaders.


Recently I visited Madagascar, where, since 2004, we have had pastor’s training programs, youth banks, the onion project, and mobile clinics programs. Furthermore god has open the door for spreading the gospel through teaching English to young students.

Currently, we are in the process of translating the pastor’s training manual and now have about 2500 pages to edit before completion. Pastor Unjatu, who has been heading up African Leadership in Madagascar, started a farming project to help feed Madagascar’s poorer population and through these acts of service spread His Love to the people.

A new missionary training school has been opened in the hope that more harvesters of Christ will be available in this land. Missionaries yongjun jo and yunkyoung shin have joined the family of African Leadership in Madagascar and will be focusing their energy into training primary school teachers who will be going into under resourced rural areas to teach the young children there and spread God’s love through service. Lord! Let Madagascar become a country of love, a country that shares and a country that sends.

Pastor’s Training

Last week, a national pastor’s training program was held in Bloemfontein (1000km from Cape Town). 43 teachers and missionaries attended to teach learn and share their experiences. We discussed further support programs for pastor’s that have graduated, and discussed ways in which churches can be the start of change in their communities. We further identified 50 areas in need of pastor’s training, and prayed for them.

Please pray with us

  1. The 3-day Pastor’s bible reading camp was held by His grace. Many of the pastor’s attending, for the first time in their lives, read the bible from cover to cover and through it experienced Him. Please pray that more people here will read His word and that through it their faith will be renewed.
  2. Children’s church camps: up till now we have held 5 children’s church camps run by our coordinator Siya and Thabo (who has grown up in out children’s church and is not at college). Each camp about 120 children meet together to learn God’s word. Please pray that God will continuously bless this mission with the funds required ($1700 for a camp with 120 children).
  3. The Father’s school program has been a blessing here in South Africa where many are fatherless. Please pray that the father’s in Africa will be healed.
  4. My son Aaron has started a new life with his wife about 10 minutes from our home. Please pray that they will experience the beauty of family and become a building block in His kingdom. Please also pray for Priscilla, that she will be able to discover God through her studies.

For the Kingdom!

Missionary Young Ohm

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