Her new alarm clock

Her new alarm clock

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For the kingdom!

Thank you for your diligent prayer and love for God¹s mission and for Africa. It is so blessing that I know you and we are living eternally together from now on.

I love to proclaim;

We are living in God’s kingdom.
We are living eternally.
We are doing everything for God’s kingdom.

This is eternal story of God’s people.

Kingdom life 14: Miri

I want to introduce Miri.

Focusing on the kingdom of God to live the life of the advance. Miri is German. Graduated from nursing school and worked as a nurse at the hospital. She lives in the gospel of the Lord of love and passion for Africa and down into several short-term team. As we witness Miri’s life in walking with the Lord, seeing the face of God’s kingdom looks. This confession is how she lives her life in the Kingdom of God.

The hospital almost a week ahead of time intervals changed. When working at night, resting during the day shift one week and back at night, sleep during the day. Despite continued difficulty in changing the time she can work hard and endure because of heart for her patients. However, changes in working hours which will take place on time, did not know how much hard work. Every time she leaves the 5 of alarm clocks before sleep.

However it is not yet wake up on time. Even though 5 of ring the alarm, she has to worry about wake up on time…. one day she decided that she will entrust to the Lord for everything.

I’m a child of God .. she started to pray to the Lord.

Lord! Patients who are waiting. Take place at the right time to take care of the patient is only way. I trust and believe in you that you will make me for that. I don’t want to be late for the the hospital. Lord to wake me up on time, please.

She prayed and snuffed all 5 alarm, and she went to deep sleep.

Since that day gave the alarm on. God became an new alarm clock to Miri. Without an alarm clock she did wake up on time because of her new alarm clock, the Lord.

A few months have passed already. In time for the last few months Lord always wakes her up on time.

When I visited Germany, I asked her husband, Simon for morning calls because I have not come to bring alarm clock to wake up as early in the morning, and if the suit asks for an alarm clock. Simon said, alarm clock is not obvious you need. Special alarm clock is called Miri.

A special faith, Miri trust and believe in God for everything. The Kingdom of God is Miri’s life. Only trust and lean on Him.

For the kingdom
Young Ohm