Everything should be God’s kingdom

Everything should be God’s kingdom

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For the kingdom!

I thank you for your constant prayers and love.

I would like to write about His kingdom, His kingdom that I see and experience here in Africa. The kingdom that He wants and the kingdom that the Holy Spirit is making!

With you, my brothers and sisters, I would like to proclaim and establish His Kingdom. I will send an article every month, please read it and share with us here your experiences, views and be a
guidance to us. For the kingdom!

Everything should be God’s kingdom

This is the kingdom of God. I shout, “For the kingdom!”

I meet every new day for the kingdom of God. And as I meet the new day I feel tension and anticipation for his coming kingdom. How will this kingdom look? What kind of kingdom will we

The whole universe is God’s kingdom. 

Everything (myself, family, friends, work, shop, school, nation, factory, business, culture, food, houses, mountains, oceans, trees, cars, money, computer, my life, etc.) was of God. God made everything.  There is nothing he didn’t create.

But Satan claims that everything belongs to him. People try to fight against God with their sins transforming from God’s people into his enemy. Satan deceived us. And Satan brought idea of division in our thought between sacred world and secular world, and between the world and the kingdom of God. Such a great deceiver Satan become controller over human being, when
people see division.

Everything is the handiwork of God, His masterpiece. 

He owns everything. Everything in this world is God’s.

God’s world was wounded by Adam’s sin. Satan made his way into this wound, and he contaminated it. But Jesus came into this world, he bore the cross and died; he came closer to the wound. Jesus rose from the dead, and declared, “the world is mine” and that all authority is in God…

Yes, God owns everything.
There was nothing in the world that is Satan’s creation. Satan cheated us.
Everything has been restored. Everything will be to the glory of God.
In everything we can see God’s image.
The eternal kingdom of God …
This is the will of God and God will accomplish.

Shout! Let us proclaim!
Jesus is in me. I am the kingdom of God.
The Holy Spirit in me. We live forever.
My family will live forever.
My friends will live forever.
My Life and work is the kingdom of God.
My school is the kingdom of God.
The Shop is the kingdom of God.
The Plants is the kingdom of God.
My country is the kingdom of God

God has invited us to his world. To the eternal kingdom.
From now on, we live forever.
We are the kingdom of God.

With anticipation and excitement,
For the kingdom.