African Leadership News #21

African Leadership News #21

- in Children Ministry

For The Kingdom! (2015.07.21)

The 19th of the last Sunday, short term mission team has been sent from the L.A. Nasung YoungNak Church to Cape Town. The team was total of 8 people formed with Pastor Daniel, Jane, Gabi, Joanne, John, Justin and Brain and Susan from Canada Toronto. They will be painting and helping construction work of Day care in Kayelitisha. The team drew and painted the building with beautiful colors to make it look like a brand new one. The theme of the painting was Arch of Noah. The beautiful light sky blue was picked as a background color and it spread out the entire wall of Day care center. Also we separated the team and one team switched the old woods of the center and re painted them. After all the work was done it looked very clean like new one beautiful. Children also loved how it turned out. I was amazed how the team working for Children. We have built many Day cares and Churches in Kayelitisha but many are too old that they need reconstruction. The one we worked on was just one of them. We have so many more buildings that need to be done. These centers and Churches are the homes of these children. We are still building and rebuilding these centers and churches.

These buildings will provide peace to the children and learn God’s love from all the hardship that they go through.

In order to keep provide them what they need we will need your prayers. Please pray for children’s safety and for the God’s coming kingdom.


Name of jesus Christ! Amen.