African Leadership News #22

African Leadership News #22

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prayer letter june 2016

Dear African Leadership prayer partner

I would like to start by proclaiming that Nothing is without the grace of the Lord. I thank the Lord for the many blessing He has given me… The fact that He has been using this lacking servant for His kingdom, the opportunity to work with the African leadership family across the world and the chance to proclaim and share His good news…

In the month of April, two of the newly built primary schools (El Nathan primary school and Bethel Primary school) held their opening Service. These schools were made possible by the endless prayers, support and love that those in Korea, Canada, Germany and South Africa. God is using the African Leadership family to build His kingdom in Madagascar. We thank Him and glorify His name.

In Madagascar, 2 clinics have been opened now in the Month of May. The community’s Joy in knowing that there is a healthcare facility available to them, further that a member of their community who understood them would be running the clinic could not be described in words. This is truly by the Grace of God and once again made possible by those who have supported us both in prayers and finances. Lord! We glorify your name!

In Cape Town, the Children’s church camps are running. Just this weekend we held the 5th camp of this year and now have 3 more planned camps left in 2016. Through the prayer and support of the African Leadership families and the commitment of those working with these children, these camps will bring many more children closer to the Lord. We pray that these children will continuously be blessed with the opportunity to get to know the Lord from a young age, and that they will further grow up to become the change that Africa needs: That they will love, share, forgive, serve, comfort, and dream of building Gods kingdom here. That they too will dream of the Kingdom Jesus saw from the cross. Lord! Our hope is your kingdom!

Please pray with us:

  1. Please pray for our children’s church camps, most importantly for the health of our children during the cold weather.
  2. Please pray for the fulfilment of finances for the children’s church camp. Each camp cost $1500.
  3. 2 more school will be built in Madagascar this year. Please pray that the Lord will bless then with good weather, the correct resources and a smooth running of the construction. Further that these schools will bring hope and dreams into the children
  4. Please pray that all those in ministry would seek Him and His kingdom first.
  5. We are in need of young missionaries (university students). Please pray that the Lord will continue to call the young into ministry.

For the Kingdom!