African Leadership News #19

African Leadership News #19

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For The Kingdom!

They say time flies when you are having fun. It also goes to show who that time is spent with that makes it go so fast. We have finally come to the third camp during the summer break.

South Africa is located on the southern hemisphere which has opposite seasons compared to the northern hemisphere. We are currently heading towards winter and thus the climate has been dropping and we can feel the chill in the air as we open up the camp this morning.

As always, we moved towards Khayelitsha with the local coordinators to go shop for the children’s camp. As we become fluent and experienced in many camps for children, it has become easy to choose what to buy and know what to look for, which eases our minds with the experience and knowledge we have behind us. The third camp was in cooperation with a local pastor, Mfundo and his community. There were approximately 100 children and 10 local staffs, which was smaller in scale compared to the other camps that were held thus far. We could see that the children’s eyes were brightly shining and their passion and determination towards this camp could be felt by all staffs. Although the weather may have been cold, their fiery participation and passion burned to keep us warmer than ever during our time together at camp.

Christ’s love and passion was felt in the local teachers and coordinators who worked together to prepare meals for the children and to oversee every details of the camp.

The camp progressed smoothly and under the grace of God, free of troubles or accidents, it came to a close.

I have always wondered what made the children so fiery and passionate about this camp and children’s worship service. Through many of the camps and worship service that we have served through the past, we are slowly coming to a realization. First of those reasons for the children’s passion is because Christ loves this country and the children here so dearly. Second is that the children that our Lord so dearly loves are growing up in such hardship and difficult environments.

For these children, a camp and worship service is not merely a meaningless routine. Rather, for these children, it a precious time to enjoy, and if at all, to escape their harsh reality to reside by the Father’s side and gain peace.

As we came to realize what lies in their heart, we had a yearning for them and our hearts were broken as we believed the Father’s heart would have been. It was an affirmation to love and to serve them. Not only that, we have learned what an amazing environment and conditions were given to us in our lives. We were privileged to be able to worship the Lord and to sing praises freely in the life conditions that we were in. It also allowed us to look back on ourselves and repent for taking things given to us for granted. We still desperately need prayers and support for these children. There is a reason and a right for all God created beings to live in joy praising the Lord in the same love. We urge our brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for them, to love them in your given spaces and to go forth together.


Name of jesus Christ! Amen.