The time has come for the annual Children’s Winter Camp

The time has come for the annual Children’s Winter Camp

- in Children Ministry

Winter break has come upon Khayelitsha recently and many of children’s ministry is well underway, such as Sunday School, Worship services, and Children’s camp. The Children’s Camp is running in two districts, Nkanini District and SST District. The leaders in charge of running the camps are Luvuyo and Asisipho.

We headed to Khayelitsha as usual for the preparation of the camp and headed towards the shopping mall to feed approximately 140 children who were to partake in the camp. The camp had more than 140 children participants and more than 20 teachers in all, totalling to approximately 170 people gathered in one place for the Winter Camp. The teachers and the children teamed up in order to share the Good News of the Lord and to worship and pray to the Lord in unity. There was significant unity and bond that allowed the camp to run smoothly.

Like all other children’s camps, it was broken into three sessions and from time to time, Tabo took charge in leading recreation and leisure time to grasp the Gospel in an exciting and enjoyable way. As we gathered to worship and praise the Lord and to pray to and learn about Jesus Christ, it had dawned on us that this was the Kingdom of God and as we saw each child enjoying the food that was prepared for them, we have witnessed that this place right here was full of laughter and happiness and that our Lord was among us.

As we gather and ponder, pray and be concerned with the Kingdom of God and the duties given to us as Christians, we reflected back on the blessings and glory that the Lord has given to us, and pray harder with sacred sense of responsibility. The happiness that the children bring is a rewarding experience and there is no denial that it all comes from the Lord.

Recently, it’s becoming clearer to us that we hope for the children here to grow and mature to receive the grace and sense of duty as we have towards this nation. We are striving to pray, teach and to serve towards that goal. Once the children have the correct way of thinking and the right procedure, we are sure that Christ will bless these children and this land that will lead this nation to glorify the Glory of God. We are well aware that it is our duty and honor to serve those here as we were saved first and taught the love of Jesus Christ first. In order for these children to learn and discover the love of Christ, our prayers are imperative!

We believe that realizing firsthand is not a sin, however, to not proclaim although you are aware is a sin. If we pray for these children and people in Khayelitsha, and as we pray for our neighbors, dedicate and serve them, and if all people participate to do so, we are sure that place, that nation will receive the Kingdom of God. In order to do so, we will all have to pray together.

Name of Jesus Christ! Amen.