African Leadership News #17

African Leadership News #17

- in Children Ministry

For The Kingdom!

Time is flying by! It has already been past six months and we are into the seventh month of the year. We have sent back the short-term mission team from Canada and are busily moving with the schedule here.

Recently the school in Khayelitsha is on summer break and a lot of events are happening. We have successfully finished children’s day camp and we are currently underway with the local church in Khayelitsha for children’s bible study/Sunday school.

We went out today to Site C to participate in the children’s Sunday school and learned the gospel together.

From early morning we gathered the local leaders and teachers together and had worship service. We prayed that the children’s bible study would be safe and successful and that this program will be a pathway for the children to be blessed and to take one more step closer to being a child of Christ.

After the short service, we had a light breakfast with toast and coffee and had a nice break.

During our break, a lot of children gathered around the church and we had an enjoyable break.

After the short break, in order to start the children’s service, we split into two teams circulating different areas to gather children for the Sunday school.

We shouted “Sunday School!” and gathered the children in the area, and suddenly there were many children who started following us and walked along singing hymns together.

The two teams that were split met at a meeting place and became one, and in short while, the number of children gathered in that one place came close to a hundred.

Many children gathered to one place to praise Christ, and we felt the presence of God and His blessing among us.

We moved inside the church building to officially start children’s Sunday School and had a blessing time of growing and developing as a child of God through the message of the gospel.

Although at times we have difficulties, struggles and feel insufficient for this ministry, but we strongly feel that Jesus Christ’s love and passion does not lack in anyway or anyplace and it completes all the lacking parts of our lives. But our hearts break for those who have misunderstood God with false gospel or misrepresented gospel and information about God. The children who grow under those people need more exposure to the real power of the gospel of Christ. There so many more things to do and we are striving to serve by praying to our Lord Jesus. Please pray with us and for us for the Kingdom of God!


Name of Jesus Christ! Amen.