Jesus is alive. He wants to save all the people of the world.

Jesus is alive. He wants to save all the people of the world.

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Jesus is alive. He wants to save all the people of the world.
God loves us. He loves us enough to go through the pain of giving up His only son, Jesus, for us.§

I want to thank you for your continuous prayers and support for missions in South Africa, for loving and sharing your love with the children of God here.

I want to thank and praise the Lord for using the children’s ministry to reach the children of Khayelitsha. But furthermore I want to thank him for growing the ministry, and for allowing the ministry to take another step forward by making their vision:

it is to establish 2000 children’s churches in Khayelitsha to change the society into God’s kingdom and transform it into Christ likeness.

God will transform Khayelitsha through the children’s churches to become a society filled with hope, love, forgiveness, peace, joy and thankfulness. Please proclaim and pray for their vision!

Pray with us:

  1. We will be holding a children’s camp from June 26th ­ 28th with about 120 children expected to attend. Please pray that through this camp the children will be able to meet Jesus Christ and learn of his love. Furthermore we have planned 5 camps this year but are about $1000 short for each camp. Please pray that God will provide us with the means to run these camps.
  2. We will be running the Mother’s school from May 22-25th. Please pray for the healing of these mother’s hearts and that they will leave with Christ-like hearts so that they can start the transformation in their families.
  3. Our children’s church teachers are mostly teenage students. Of them through the teacher’s camp we have baptized and trained 47 teachers. The coordinators are continuously training and supporting them with Jesus’ heart. One of our teachers houses had a broken gate. In an area as Khayelitsha where it is unsafe during the night, a broken gate is dangerous, so the coordinators bought a new gate and installed it in for him. Another teacher’s parents are unemployed therefore he did not have enough money to buy the school uniform and shoes therefore the coordinators gathered money together and bought it for him. Another teacher’s mother was lost in a domestic fire, and has been unable to pay for his school fees therefore the coordinators have stepped into support him. Praise the lord for using these coordinators as his vessel to channel blessings into these teacher’s lives.
  4. Please pray for all our missionaries health and safety.

For the Kingdom!

Missionary Young Ohm