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Save Africa


Happy New Year 2014 and have Jesus in your heart!

After a year sabbatical and my son Aaron’s wedding, my family and I have returned home to South Africa. Please pray that in this new year I will be able to take on God’s ministry with His heart.

Thanks! Thank you! Thank you very much for all of your prayers, love and support; it has been our strength and given us courage to continue. Looking back at the past 18 years in South Africa, I confess that nothing has been without His grace, that we have come thus far because you were with us and I pray that through 2014’s ministries God’s kingdom will be established here, that peace, Love and all that is eternal will reign over these lands.

We started this year with a 3 day camp with all of African Leadership’s missionaries and coordinators, where we studied Galatians together and rediscovered God who called us here in Africa to be the deliverers of the gospel and His messengers of peace, to Bring out and establish God’s Name.

We are called as His disciples. Watching the local coordinators re-identifying themselves in God’s calling, and as one who has answered that calling, I saw God’s soldiers in training to build His kingdom and felt His heart. Therefore in 2014 I know we will see God’s kingdom established in Khayelitsha despite all the poverty and crime that still fills th community. My heart beats in anticipation of the year ahead. Please pray for us. for our 9 local coordinators, for the pastors in Transkei and those who are being trained and those who are training, and for the 11 missionary families that are pouring out their time, energy, love and passion into this ministry. Please pray that they will all stay steadfast in Christ, that they will seek His Kingdom and that they will be able to enjoy a more intimate relationship with Christ that will overflow into their ministries, and that God may bless their harvest.

2014’s ministry has begun.

Please pray with us

  1. Children’s Church: Please pray that our teachers who are young adults will be people that are after God’s heart, teachers that love Christ and that they will be a good role model. We are in the process of developing programs for the teenagers. Please pray that this will be developed in His way through Him.
  2. School ministry: We are teaching God’s character, please pray that the teacher will be first to take on His character and therefore teach by example. Furthermore that the teachers will meet Jesus, become His disciples and lead their student with His love to His love.
  3. Preschool: Please pray that the teachers grow to truly Love God and therefore lead the children with His love. Many of the preschool building have been damaged and require repairs, please pray that God will provide the resources and people to take on the repairs.
  4. Bible college: Please pray that the 700 students (both in Khayelitsha and over SA) will learn that Jesus is our Lord and our King and that they will learn to listen to Him and follow in His footsteps to establish His kingdom.
  5. Wilhem from Germany is starting a farming project in Transkei. Please pray that this ministry will bring hope and Love into Transkei.
  6. Transkei: Our pastors in Tranksei are now of retirement age. Please pray that there will be leaders to lead the new generation in the future an that those who are still stuck in ancestral worship will find Jesus.
  7. “I’m Precious to Jesus” campaign: Please pray that this campaign will bring change and give hope to the young that have been raped and abused.
  8. Please pray that we will become workers that are able to see His work and be able to join in and work together in His ministry
  9. Please pray that Aaron/Jeehye and Priscilla will be able to proclaim “For the Kingdom” in their daily studies, that they will be able to enjoy an intimate relationship with Jesus and that they will become servants that work through prayer.

For the Kingdom!

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