God is Alive!

God is Alive!

- in Madagascar Ministry, Prayer Reports

In the name of Christ Jesus our Savior, I send greetings to you. I thank you for all you love, prayers and sacrifices that have lead missions in South Africa. Through your prayers and continuous support, I have been able to have a blessed sabbatical visiting many places and meeting missionaries passionate about sharing His love and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are filled with His love. Through these meetings I am reassured that God’s love is spreading throughout the world and His kingdom being proclaimed, and I give thanks!

Although unable to see it first hand, just the mere news of what has been happening through the hard work and dedication of the missionaries and local coordinators in the mission field has again allowed me to proclaim that Missions is His work and that God is at work to establish His kingdom!

A few weeks back, in my visit to China, I had the opportunity to teach students from Africa studying there. I gave much thanks and am excited by the thought of these students, the future leaders of Africa, standing strong in Christ and establishing God’s Kingdom back in their homes. Praise the Lord!

A Special Prayer request and thanksgiving

By the grace and guidance of our God, my son Aaron Ohm is getting married on the 14th December 2013. Many people have played a significant part in his upbringing; by praying, by your brotherly and sisterly love shared with him on your short-term mission trips and through your advice and support. He has come thus far because of you and I thank you.

Aaron and his wife, JeeHye, will be moving to South Africa together. Please pray for the final year of law school Aaron still has to complete, that Aaron and JeeHye will continuously seek His word and live a life of a missionary proclaiming His kingdom in their lives, that they will be able to discover God’s kingdom being established through law, that JiHye will be able to settle into life in South Africa and through her life be able to glorify God. Please pray that they will be a family where God is the head and sits at the center of their lives.

Please pray with us

  1. Please give thanks with us for God’s guidance and for the fellow missionaries and local coordinators in the mission field who have carried out His work in 2013;
    • for moving into the hearts of the preschool teachers through the Montessori program
    • for the 150 children’s churches (±7000 children) that has been sharing God’s love
    • for the 7 high schools and 1 primary school students that have been learning about God’s character
    • for more than 42 satellite bible college classes through South Africa and Lesotho
    • for the “Father school” which has been able to bring back the lost father figures
    • for the ministry in Transkei that continues to share His love through evangelism and church plantation
    • for the new mission field, Overland, where a youth bible school has been opened
    • for the “I’m precious to Jesus” campaign that aims to protect and promote children’s health and stop the abuse against children
    • for the heart of one young adult who began a “shoe” project (giving shoes to the children) putting smiles on many children’s faces and thereby sharing His love.

    Glory! Glory and praise to the Lord!

  2. Many children have now graduated from preschool and are entering into their first year of school, please pray that these children will settle into school as God’s children, His light and image, and that they will continue to grow strong in Him through the teachings at the children’s churches.
  3. It is almost Christmas ­ a time where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Please pray that Jesus’ heart for Africa 2000 years ago on the cross will be remembered and through it bring His kingdom back to Africa.
  4. Our family, with our new family member JiHye, will soon be heading back to South Africa. Please pray that the whole family will grow more into Jesus’ likeness, and be able to love and serve Africa as Jesus’ would.

For the Kingdom!

Young, Young-Ae, Aaron and JiHye, Priscilla

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